The Production Process

The Technicals

PCB Design

Expert engineers design the LED neon circuit diagrams with advanced computer programs. They configure the right-sized PCB for manufacturing neon signs.

PCB Testing

LED neon PCB boards are crucial for neon signs, our QC department ensures the quality of the PCB boards before continuing with the next process.

SMT Technique

We use the most advanced SMT machine, which functions at high speed, high efficiency and high precision. To ensure high quality LED chips in all our neon signs.

Visualising and Preparing

Visualization In Advance

Before fitting the LED neon on the backboard, our design team visualizes the designs with advanced 3D computer programs. This way, we can meet any customers’ designs, styles and colors accurately.

Grooving the Backboard

To mount the LED neon on the backboard, we groove the acrylic backplate with an engraving machine. This ensures a great fit.

Putting everything together


We measure the designs  and cut the LED neon strips accordingly. Then, we fit the LED neon on the acrylic backboard. This whole process is done by hand.

The Final Quality Check

Before packiging the final products, we ensure the brightness and durability of every neon sign by turning them on for 8 hours. This way, we are able to keep the production error almost at zero. 

Packaging and Shipping

In the exporting process, neon sign packages are loaded and unloaded multiple times. So, we amount extra time and focus to the packaging process, to keep the damage rate zero.