Size Guide

We are able to make any size you want. Larger than 200cm and even smaller than 50cm for less detailed signs.

The size value always refers to the size on the longest side. 

The bed in this image is a queen sized bed.

Color Board

Swipe to discover all our color options

What is Full Color?

A full color sign comes with our RGB remote. The remote control has a touch slider which allows you to create almost any color you can imagine. The remote control also has dimming options and effects.A Multi Color sign is more versatile and just plain fun. It is a nice advantage to be able to adjust the color of your sign to any situation you are in and influence the atmosphere of your room in different ways.

Installation Kits

Fixed Kit 

Our fixed kit includes pins to attach your sign to the wall or almost any surface you wish. The pins ensure a secure fixation and a clean look.

Hanging Kit

Our Wire Kit includes stainless steel wire and ceiling mounts to hang your sign almost anywhere. This kit provides a floating and effortless look.

Installing your sign is not that difficult. We like to believe that anyone can do it.
Check out the Installation Guide  for installation videos and more information.

Backboard Styles

Cut to shape


Power and Wiring

Each neon sign is powered by a power cable. The wire from the dimmer to the board is almost transparent and is made to be difficult to see.

The power plug is automatically selected for the country of the shipping address. If you want a different power plug, please let us know.

The dimmer receives the remote signal, allowing your sign to be dimmed or change colors (for multi-color signs).

More questions about our products?

Check out the frequently asked questions.