About Us

Who are we?

MyLedSign is a company founded in 2019 by two young brothers and a group of graphic designers, based in Amsterdam. We combined our talents to deliver high quality custom led signs all over the world.

''Living in a small appartment in Amsterdam i decided to decorate the rooms to create a spacious feel and a healthier atmosphere, sadly led strips and philips hue lights where just not cutting it for me. I stumbled up on the idea of personalised led signs. My brother and i sourced the materials and made a few small signs. The positive reactions i got from people visiting my house, admiring the led signs was enormous. that's when we decided to make more signs and sell them to our friends. Things slowly grew bigger. And now here we are, better then ever expected.''

Our Values

Making impressions. We love to help small businesses and starting entrpeuners. For a customer or just a person visiting your house, an attention grabbing led sign with your personal message could really make an impression on someone. We have heard multiple stories of small businesses boosting theire sales by hanging a well excecuted led sign in theire window.

Change your mood. It's not just for other people. We know how it feels to not feel at home in your own house, a led sign can really change the gloomy atmopshere around. Use some motivational words to get up in the moring, or recreate your favourite art piece to get inspired everytime you look at your sign. 

Get creative. Yes, the favourite aspect of our business. Pick up a pen or open up photoshop and start designing your sign. Before you know it your idea is hanging on your wall and lighting up the room!

“Don't forget to have fun!  Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”