If you want to change something about your text sign, like: Multiple colors, a specific size or anything else, visit the full custom page. Upload a screenshot, describe your changes and submit.

· Characters and Lines per size

See the guide below for the maximum amount of characters per line for each size:

 Sign Size
Max. characters per line
6 - 1 line
9 - 2 lines
12 - 3 lines
125cm 15 - 3 lines
18 - 4 lines
24 - 4 lines
30 - 4 lines
36 - 4 lines

· Size

The size value always refers to the size on the longest side. 

· Color

· What is full color?

Full color signs, come with a RGB remote to make any color you desire.

· Backboards

The acrylic backboard is the transparent backing behind the Neon Sign. We offer two different backboard options:

- Cut-to-shape

The cut-to-shape backboard is cut as close as possible around the LED Neon to create a clean look.

- Rectangular

The rectangular backboard is an uncut backboard.


· Installation Kits

We include 2 mounting options for free with every order: the Fixed Kit and the Hanging Kit. Besides these kits we like to recommend using Adhesive Strips to mount your LED Neon Sign. 

- Fixed Kit


The fixed kit consists of screws and mounting pins.

- Hanging Kit 

The hanging kit consists of a carabiner, two stainless steel wires, and clips attached to the wires. 

· Waterproof Signs

We offer waterproof LED Neon Signs. Waterproof signs have waterproof silicone tubing, making it impossible for water to seep into the LED neon. 


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